Athletic Performance Training

We are committed to train every athlete to their fullest potential.

Do you truly bring your all you got to the game, or is untapped talent left on the sidelines?

The truth is, you won't know unless you look, unless you test. Many athletes unknowingly leave their potential untapped, training over weaknesses instead of addressing them. At Bay Laurel Athletics, we don't guess; WE ASSESS. Unlock your full potential with tailored training that addresses your unique strengths and weaknesses. Step into the next level of performance – no more leaving talent on the sidelines.

Ever wondered about your risk of injury?

It's a mystery until you test it. Your risk lingers in the blind spot until you shine a light on it. At Bay Laurel Athletics, we believe in staying one step ahead. We assess your injury risk, pulling it out of the shadows. Because here's the truth: it's easier to prevent an injury than rehab from one. That's why we examine your injury risk upfront, ensuring you're armed with knowledge to proactively reduce the risk and step confidently into your season.

Why Athletic Performance Training?

Many athletes find themselves in the dark when it comes to their training:

  • They are unaware of their risk of injury, compromising the entire season.

  • Training over deficits limits their potential to perform at the peak.

  • Shooting in the dark with training, putting in lots of effort but not reaping the expected gains and results.

At Bay Laurel Athletics, we bring clarity to your training journey, addressing these challenges head-on. It's time to step into a new level of performance, equipped with knowledge, precision, and a roadmap to success.

Why Train at Bay Laurel Athletics?

At Bay Laurel Athletics, we prioritize your performance from the start. Unlike most trainers, we kick off with a comprehensive performance evaluation, uncovering your unique strengths and pinpointing areas for improvement. This tailored approach ensures you won't be training over deficits that hold you back.

What sets us apart? All our athletes train under the guidance of a licensed physical therapist, crafting a training plan that's second to none. No cookie-cutter routines here. We take pride in the individualization of sport-specific training, maximizing results with a focused approach.

Our goal is simple: to help you achieve the most benefit with the least amount of training. We're not just minimizing your risk of injury; we're paving the way for you to perform at your peak, leaving no talent on the sidelines. Choose Bay Laurel Athletics for a training experience that's as unique as you are.

What We Train:


We prioritize flexibility and mobility training, recognizing that having a complete range of movement is paramount. We go beyond the basics, ensuring you attain the freedom of movement essential for dynamic sports.

Picture this: a body that moves with full freedom, supporting multi-directional movement in all athletic endeavor. Our specialized flexibility training isn't just about stretches; it's about embracing movement freedom, granting you the liberty to freely perform and taking your sports performance to a level where every direction is your winning direction.


We go beyond conventional strength training. We focus on cultivating resilience in your body to withstand the multi-directional forces it faces in every sport. Our approach is meticulous – we address muscle imbalances and ensure that every muscle, from the major groups to the crucial stabilizers, is trained with precision.

Why settle for just strength when you can achieve true resilience? Our training is designed to make a difference, preventing injuries and fortifying your body against the challenges of dynamic sports. Experience strength that goes beyond the surface, providing a foundation that stands strong in every direction.


We prioritize endurance training with a dual focus on cardiovascular health, a critical factor for athletes, and muscular endurance essential for various sports. Our commitment ensures our athletes can sustain peak performance throughout their entire competition or game.

Why is this important? Cardiovascular health is essential for athletes. We don't just train for the now; we build endurance for the long run. Our goal is to not only meet but EXCEED the demands of your sport, leaving you with energy reserves even at the final whistle. Let's make sure every sprint, every push, and every performance is met with unwavering stamina.


We highlight stability training to empower our athletes to confidently hold their bodies in every position they utilize securely.

Why is this crucial? Because maintaining stability not only enhances performance but also safeguards against injuries like ACL tears and concussions. Our approach ensures that your body is not just strong but resilient when it matters the most, minimizing pressure on joints and ligaments. We build a foundation of stability that not only elevates your performance but also protects you from potential injuries on the field.


We diligently train our athletes to master agility, coordination, and lightning-fast reaction times. Our goal is to ensure that every body movement or multi-dimensional combination of movements becomes not just accessible but second nature.

Through focused and dynamic training, we empower athletes to navigate any challenge on the field with precision, fluidity, and swift reaction times. Don't leave the rapid response capabilities behind and elevate your performance to new heights.


We specialize in training the often underestimated and overlooked powerhouse of sports – POWER Training! Often under-trained, power is the fusion of strength and speed, and it's the secret game-changer that will propel your performance to unparalleled heights.

Not only does power elevate your game, but it's also a key player in injury prevention. Cultivate this dynamic force, the missing link that will redefine your athleticism, elevate your performance, and fortify your body against potential setbacks.

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