Where Athletes Soar!

Where Athletes Soar!

Physical Therapy.
Athletic Performance Training.
Mental Performance Coaching.

Building Strong, Confident, Resilient Athletes

Building Strong, Confident, Resilient Athletes

Welcome to Bay Laurel Athletics

Welcome to Bay Laurel Athletics

Welcome to Bay Laurel Athletics

We help middle school and high school athletes physically recover from injury fully and get out of the frustrating injury-cycle for good and mentally gain confidence, overcome performance anxiety and get out from under the cloud of pressure so that parents can sit back, relax and enjoy the games without concern or worry.

Recover. Restore. Regain.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Pain and Injury Recovery

Don't get stuck in the cycle of pain and injury. Bay Laurel Athletics ensures pre-teen and teenage athletes recover faster and fully from injury and pain enabling them to get back to their sports even stronger, more resilient and more self-assured than before without putting them at danger of constant re-injury.

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Athletic Performance Training

Unlock Untapped Talent

Unaware of your true potential? Most athletes unknowingly leave hidden talent on the sidelines and never come to know their real capability. Bay Laurel Athletics helps competitive athletes uncover all their talent and elevate their game so they can reach their peak without abandoning untapped potential on the sidelines.

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Mental Performance Coaching

A Winning Mentality

Don't be constrained by your brain. Bay Laurel Athletics helps competitive athletes erase the pressures of being an athlete, overcome performance anxiety and transform self-confidence by developing an unstoppable mindset so they are empowered and thrive in any environment.

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Why Us?

Why Us?

Why Us?

The Truth About Sports Injury and Recovery

Athletes in middle and high school are confronted with more pressure than ever - the compulsion to perform at their peak and excel not just in sports but in every aspect of life, be competitive in their sports, maintain academic performance, gear up for college recruitment, and navigate social expectations. This not only leads to stress and anxiety but can escalate into injuries that impact not only their physical health, but also their mental well-being.

Maximizing recovery and improving performance

Blending leading-edge physical therapy and neuroscience based mental performance coaching, Bay Laurel Athletics presents a comprehensive and personalized tailored strategy designed to suit your child's unique life within their busy schedules. 

As a result adolescent athletes can have it ALL! They can excel in all areas - fostering both the physical prowess and the mental acuity needed for success in their chosen sport and as they develop into young adults in this challenging world.

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Our mission is to support, develop and empower young aspiring athletes by ensuring they stay healthy, happy and protected in the demanding athletic landscape of the present time.

Our mission is to support, develop and empower young aspiring athletes by ensuring they stay healthy, happy and protected in the demanding athletic landscape of the present time.

Bay Laurel Athletics will get you back in your game with confidence!

Bay Laurel Athletics:

  • Crafts an individualized strategy to expedite athletes in achieving their utmost performance seamlessly within tight timetables that works within their busy schedule

  • Constructs sports-customized rehabilitation and training for each athlete that stops the cycle of injury and get athletes back in the game

  • Recognizes athlete-specific weaknesses and transforms them into strength without training over deficits hindering optimum performance so athletes can finally showcase their skills without leaving untapped talent on the sidelines


Easily book an appointment online or text/call Bay Laurel Athletics at 650-733-4501 for more information.

Recovery in Physical and Mental Performance

Bay Laurel Athletics assists athletes in their recovery journey and beyond, so they reinvigorate their athleticism and return to their sport even stronger and more resilient than before, enabling them to outpace their sporting rivals. We guide student athletes in enhancing their flexibility, strength, stability, endurance, agility, and power, boosting their potential for athletic achievement beyond high school. Bay Laurel Athletics focuses on fostering athleticism in young athletes by prioritizing injury prevention and delivering training programs tailored to their developmental stage from pediatrics to adolescents, ensuring long-lasting sports performance outcomes. Our customized coaching, training and physical therapy programs ensure safe and effective methods to reach peak performance while keeping the main focus on preserving joy, fulfillment and love of sport in the process.

We Support Esports Athletes Too!

At Bay Laurel Athletics, we're not just about traditional sports; we're also your go-to place for esports. Our specialized services cater to the unique needs of esports athletes, ensuring peak performance, injury prevention, and mental well-being. Transforms your gaming experience.


What People Are Saying


“Thank you, I was super impressed with your holistic approach and understanding of my situation. It’s like finally somebody gets the big picture too!“

Mother of High School
Running Athlete

"My husband and I noticed that our daughter was feeling extremely stressed when it came to meet days as a cross country runner. We knew there were some mindset things going on, but she wasn't really open to getting any advice from her parents—you know how it goes. That's when I met Dr. Laurel. After chatting just one time, I knew she could provide the help our daughter needed. I'm so glad we hired her because the results have been amazing. Now, our teen is excited for every race. Plus, she PRed on her home course two weeks ago. The difference has been amazing! Don't think about it, hire her now!"

Recreational Runner

"Dr. Laurel was very helpful in helping me with my hip/glute pain! I’ve had off and on pain in the area and have been limited in distance running which has been frustrating. In only a few sessions with Dr. Laurel, I am now able to run more freely without being limited by pain. I had so much fun running the Bay to Breakers recently and didn’t even think about my pain. Worth every second!"

Martial Artist

"Dr. Laurel has first-class expertise on how to relieve pain to help you return to your sport quickly and at a high level, her patient treatment manners made me IMMEDIATELY feel comfortable working with her without question. In one session she immediately diagnosed a lingering issue and recommended a rehab protocol that included strengthening and stretching which has yielded a relief from the pain I've experienced. Without question, there is no other PT provider and coach for me going forward."

Professional Dancer

"I had the opportunity to work with Bay Laurel Athletics on mental performance as a professional ballet dancer with dyslexia, dyspraxia, and ADHD. Sometimes, I feel like I have tried everything to enhance my performance. However, Laurel's knowledge and expertise are truly remarkable. She helped me discover new effective strategies to enhance my mental performance. Laurel's personalized approach and understanding of my unique challenges allowed her to provide me with innovative tools and techniques. She showed great respect for my journey and offered such kind and generous support throughout our sessions. I highly recommend working with Laurel at Bay Laurel Athletics to experience the transformative impact she can have on your performance or that of your children."

Artistic Athlete

"It has been great working with you - I've learned a lot about channeling my body's natural ability to heal through the therapy we've done."

10 Year Old Athlete

"My life was very hard. I couldn't keep up with my PE classes. I went through lots of pain while trying to get my miles done. It was very stressful becasue I knew I could do a lot better. It's much easier to get my stuff done now. I feel like I'm better at doing lots of stuff like running. I can do lots of things now. I reccomend Dr. Laurel."

Extreme Sports Athlete

"I am an extreme sports athlete. Before meeting with Dr. Laurel, my right elbow was a constant source of pain due to a small tear. Hand & wrist movements constantly hurt & my hands were falling asleep with no end in sight. This was limiting my ability to perform my sport and was limiting even simple things in my life like getting dressed-taking a shirt off and on and putting on a backpack. It was frustrating after seeing specialists who said there was nothing to do but live with it. Dr. Laurel showed me that there was hope and there was a real solution which was a relief.

After just the 1st treatment with Dr. Laurel my hands did not fall asleep while lying down, sleeping, driving, anything with my hands in an elevated position. Tension was released from upper forearm that was usually constant. Pain and pressure was diminished which allows me a pain free & active lifestyle as a high level athlete. Thank you Dr. Laurel."

Recreational Golfer

“Laurel is the best physical therapist I’ve ever had and I’ve had a lot of therapy before.”

Time-Saving Technology for Hassle-Free Scheduling

At Bay Laurel Athletics, we believe in leveraging cutting-edge technology to make your scheduling experience easy and hassle-free. Say goodbye to lengthy phone calls and paperwork hassles—our streamlined system preserves the human connection while ensuring efficiency.

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