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We are committed to transforming Esports

We are committed to transforming Esports

Because Esports players are athletes too! Recognizing both the mental and physical components of esports, we prioritize the health and well-being of these athletes, ensuring they not only play well but also have fun. We're here to set our Esports athletes up for success in every game.


In the dynamic world of esports, physical well-being is often overlooked, but not here at Bay Laurel Athletics. Esports athletes require the right equipment and setup to prevent injuries. We understand that postural strength is a game-changer, something that can be trained and developed for superior results beyond mere practice.

It's crucial to acknowledge that esports athletes, like any other, can face injuries. Yet, resting isn't always the optimal solution. We believe in a proactive approach – the right rehabilitation is often the key to sustained performance and a swift return to the game. At Bay Laurel Athletics, we're here to ensure that the physical side of esports is nurtured and optimized for peak performance.


The mental challenges are as real as the victories in esports. Esports athletes often grapple with the weight of stigma surrounding the industry and confront online bullying, adding an extra layer of difficulty to their journey. Opportunities abound, but the increasing competitiveness brings unprecedented pressure.

At Bay Laurel Athletics, we recognize the unique challenges faced by esports athletes. Beyond transforming the gaming experience, we are committed to reshaping the industry itself. Our goal is to provide esports athletes with the same level of support and recognition that the sports industry offers to its physical athletes. It's not just about playing the game; it's about creating an environment where esports athletes thrive mentally, emotionally, and professionally.

Common Esports Injuries

Common Esports Injuries

Wrist and Hand Injuries

In the esports arena, thumb, finger, wrist, and hand pain are common adversaries faced by many athletes. Hours of intense gameplay and rapid movements can take a toll, leading to discomfort and potential injuries. At Bay Laurel Athletics, we understand the unique challenges esports athletes encounter, and our approach to training encompasses not only skill enhancement but also proactive measures to promote wrist and hand health, ensuring a pain-free gaming experience.

Elbow Tendinitis

Elbow and wrist tendinitis often afflict esports athletes, and the culprit is frequently postural weakness. The hours spent honing gaming skills can contribute to imbalances that manifest in discomfort. At Bay Laurel Athletics, we recognize the prevalence of these issues and take a comprehensive approach to training, addressing postural weaknesses to alleviate and prevent elbow and wrist tendinitis, ensuring esports athletes can game with comfort and longevity.

Neck and Back Pain

Neck pain is a prevalent challenge for esports athletes, exacerbated by extended periods of sitting during gaming sessions, schoolwork, and the burden of heavy backpacks. At Bay Laurel Athletics, we consider the intricate web of factors contributing to neck pain in the esports world. Our holistic training approach addresses postural habits and ergonomic considerations to alleviate and prevent neck and back pain, ensuring esports athletes can engage in their passion comfortably and sustainably.

How We Help Our Esports Athletes

At Bay Laurel Athletics:

  • We conduct thorough athletic performance evaluations and provide esports-specific training, aiming to prevent injuries among our esports athletes.

  • In the unfortunate event of injuries, we offer rehabilitation and physical therapy, minimizing downtime and facilitating a quicker return to the sport.

  • We prioritize the mental performance and mental health of our esports athletes, ensuring gaming remains enjoyable and empowering not only in the sport but also in their broader lives.

  • Our support extends to parents, guiding them on the right ways to nurture their esports athletes, fostering an environment where their children can thrive.

  • Beyond individual support, we are actively working to transform the esports industry, aiming to dismantle stigmas and create an empowering and supportive environment for esports athletes to flourish.

Services for Esports Athlete

Level up your esports journey with Bay Laurel Athletics. Empower your game, protect your well-being, and join a community that understands the unique challenges of esports. Whether you're looking for preventive training, rehabilitation, or holistic support, we've got you covered. Start your esports transformation today!

Services for Esports Athletes

Athletic Performance Evaluation/Training

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation


Esports Athletic Performane or

Physical Therapy Evaluation

or Single Treatment Session

Personalized 1:1 session with a PT

Esports-specific focus

60 minute single session in-person

or online

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Athletic Performance Training or

Physical Therapy Package


$2,400 Value

$300 Savings

6 - 60 min sessions in-person or


Esports-specific Athletic

Performance Training or

Physical Therapy

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Sports Mental Performance Coaching


Personalized 1:1 coaching with

esports focus

6-week program

60 minute virtual sessions

Recommended for ages 10 years

and up

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