Bay Laurel Athletics - The Genesis of Identity

Nov 21, 2023

Most people are curious about the genesis of identities, about how things come into existence. The same curiosity often extends to Bay Laurel Athletics—the person behind the brand and the path that led to its creation. At the heart of Bay Laurel Athletics lies a story—a woven journey of discovery, transformation, and passion. It's a testament to a profound realization that altered the course not only of a career but also initiated a journey impacting not just one life but the start of many.

My journey began with a childhood dream of becoming a doctor, enticed by the allure of prestige and prosperity. Fate, however, had different plans, leading me not too far off to physical therapy school—a seemingly random choice that turned out to be an unexpectedly perfect fit. Despite always being active and fit, never experiencing injuries, the world of physical therapy was not more than a thought but beckoned, and something just felt right about it.

Early in the game, during my final graduate school internship, I was exposed to a deep dive into pain science. This exploration uncovered the intricate connection between physical pain, emotion, and the mind. The revelation struck me—pain was more of a mental and emotional "experience" than merely a physical condition. I began coaching individuals around their pain, blending physical therapy with a pioneering form of mental coaching—an approach that predates its current surge in popularity. The impact was profound, liberating patients and offering them a life of newfound freedom.

Contract work took me across the United States, exposing me to the rich diversity of cultures and healthcare practices in places like South Texas, Las Vegas, and Hawaii. Destiny eventually led me to the Bay Area near San Francisco, California. Climbing the career ladder into leadership roles brought success but lacked significance, leaving a void. Despite outward achievements, fulfillment remained elusive. Personal development work uncovered a pivotal high school experience, where, as a young athlete, I felt overshadowed by my parent's work commitments. This experience led me onto the hamster wheel, chasing the elusive "More Monster" of success for the next two decades, accumulating achievements yet leaving me dissatisfied. The revelation liberated me from this two-decade-long pursuit, allowing me to step off the hamster wheel and unlock a sense of self-worth independent of external validations. Successes, once hollow, began to resonate with genuine fulfillment, providing a real sense of significance.

My journey paved the way for Bay Laurel Athletics—a venture born from the desire to help young athletes navigate physical pain and mental obstacles, guiding them to step off their own hamster wheel and intercept decades of struggle. Fueled by personal struggles and a commitment to leave no talent on the sidelines, Bay Laurel Athletics aims to transform young lives. It represents an unwavering belief that with the right training, both physically and mentally, young athletes can unlock their full potential, revel in the joy of the journey, and find fulfillment in the process of becoming extraordinary human beings in today’s complex world.

In essence, the genesis of Bay Laurel Athletics is not just a story; it's a testament to the power of self-discovery, resilience, and the profound impact of merging physical and mental well-being. It marks the development of the entire ecosystem of young athletes, transforming what wasn't possible before into a future full of possibility.

Written by:

Dr. Laurel Mines, PT, DPT, OCS

Physical Therapist and Sports Mental Performance Coach