Navigating the Journey of Child Wellness: Insights from the Growing Together Forum

Dec 12, 2023

We have exciting news to share. Bay Laurel Athletics will be on the panel at the upcoming Growing Together: Child Wellness and Development Forum in January. It's an event that's focusing on the ever-evolving landscape of child wellness in today’s world.

The Growing Together forum, hosted by the San Mateo-Foster City PTA Council, is a fantastic initiative that brings together experts from various fields to explore the intricate web of child development and well-being. From specialists in child sports mental performance to family counseling, children's services, and mindfulness, the panel promises a diverse range of perspectives. Each expert will shed light on the challenges and opportunities in fostering holistic child health and happiness.

The purpose of this event resonates with our mission at Bay Laurel Athletics. It recognizes that the journey of raising happy and healthy children is multifaceted, requiring insights from different domains. It's not just about physical health; it's about nurturing the mind and spirit as well.

One overlooked benefit is the importance of knowing the resources that are available to parents. While navigating the challenges of raising children, trying to provide the best support possible, the worst thing is when you don’t know where to turn to for support when you need it the most. Many times, schools offer a certain amount of limited resources, but the truth is, there's a vast landscape of support out there waiting to be explored.

In the world of sports rehabilitation and mental performance coaching, we understand that every child is unique. Tailoring our approach to the individual needs of each young athlete is crucial. When working with families, we realized that not just the athlete but also the families have various needs in their own unique ecosystem of their individual family unit. This forum is an excellent opportunity to highlight the importance of recognizing and utilizing the plethora of resources available for child wellness.

Let's come together as a community to celebrate the diversity of expertise, experiences, and insights that will be shared at the Growing Together Forum. It's a chance to connect, learn, and empower each other on this incredible journey of raising resilient, happy, and healthy kids.

Looking forward to seeing familiar faces in the audience and connecting with like-minded individuals who share our passion for child wellness!

Stay positive, stay active, and let's continue making a difference together!

For more information about the event check out San Mateo-Foster City PTA.

Written by:

Dr. Laurel Mines, PT, DPT, OCS

Physical Therapist and Sports Mental Performance Coach