A Parents Guide: Inside a Young Athlete's Mind with Dr. Laurel Mines

Dec 12, 2023

Bay Laurel Athletics' founder recently had the privilege of joining Taryn Perry on her insightful podcast "Taryn Swears" to dive deep into the world of mental fortitude for student athletes. We had an incredible conversation about the crucial role mental strength plays in the lives of young athletes, and we'd love for you to check it out.

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“All kids are going to experience something, whether it's positive or negative. And you know, the parents, they're doing the best they can. And they’re dealing with something that happened in their life that put a filter on their life that might be passed down to their kids through their own experience that they're not even trying to do.”

Today our host Taryn Perry is joined by Dr. Laurel Mines, a renowned physical therapist, athletic performance trainer, and sports mental performance coach. She takes us through the intriguing world of mental performance coaching for young athletes, revealing the vital role of understanding an athlete's intricate mind starting in childhood. Discover how the omnipresent world of social media shapes athletes' performance and learn the ways parents can become pillars of support in the competitive sports arena.

Then, find yourself navigating the complex link between pain and our mental and emotional state. Taryn and Dr. Laurel unravel how individual experiences mold our perception of pain, and discuss how personal and professional growth can be life-altering.

They also traverse the profound impact of childhood experiences on our adult perceptions and behaviors, digging into common root causes of such feelings and stressing the need for processing these experiences differently. Taryn and Dr. Laurel also chat on the topic of generational trauma, exploring its effect on our lives and relationships. All this and more in this episode of Taryn Swears!

Key Topics:

  • Welcome, Dr. Laurel Mines! (01:27)

  • Personal Growth and Overcoming Childhood Experiences (08:01)

  • The Impact of Parental Pressure on Young Athletes’ Mental Health (14:11)

  • Parenting and Child Development - Causes of Issues in Children (17:24)

  • Supporting Young Athletes’ Pressure and Growth (28:19)

  • Mental Performance Coaching for Young Athletes (36:15)

  • Lifelong Impacts of Mental Performance in Young Athletes (41:11)

  • Wrap-Up (43:08)


Thanks for listening! I'm having a blast sharing & connecting with you!

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