The Heart of Destiny Compass: A Journey of Workability, Growth, and Accountability

Jan 5, 2024

I'm opening up about some aspects of my life that you may not know and that may surprise you. Last year, my business experienced threefold growth, a testament to dedication and hard work. But here's the real talk—I'm not immune to the common struggles most of us face—losing motivation, succumbing to excuses, and feeling the weight of life slowing down the pace.

As a goal-oriented, highly-motivated, hard-working go-getter, who can be very productive and highly efficient, I, too, experience the ebbs and flows of productivity. The familiar cycle of stalled progress, self-doubt, and eventually bouncing back is one I’ve danced with many times. I, like most others, let life get in the way, lose motivation and get overcome by my excuses. The pace slows down, productivity suffers, I don't do what I say I'm going to do and things start to stall. Then the overwhelming downward spiral comes quicker than a flash of lightning. I get down on myself and think I should be doing more, accomplishing more. When I’m in it, it's hard to break free and gain momentum again. But eventually I bounce back and the cycle starts all over as soon as the motivation wanes and life happens again.

Despite participating in about a dozen personal and professional development programs including leadership and business development, only one delved into the core of workability, revealing what truly creates effectiveness in any area of life. Even knowing what causes things to work still didn't make a difference in breaking the motivation merry-go-round cycle. 

The turning point came in the last 3-4 months of 2023 when I engaged an accountability partner to explore the rarely talked-about concepts of workability together. The impact was profound—crystal clarity, increased momentum, and a newfound sense of empowerment and joy. What once felt like a grueling to-do list now became a straight path to accomplishment with ease. It was transformative and highlighted a crucial truth—knowing the secret didn’t make a difference and I couldn't do it alone.

Take, for instance, my website journey. Despite paying for unfulfilled services and even attempting a work trade that also fell through, bringing my business website to life was a long-standing struggle. My website was a thorn in my side for way too long. There was part of me that was avoiding it all together and it was affecting my business. It was only when I teamed up with my workability partner that my website project gained momentum. Within weeks, my multi-page website was complete—a tangible testament to the power of collaborative workability.

I attribute this shift to play a pivotal role in my business's growth, and  I'm eager to continue this work in 2024, envisioning another threefold expansion from where I stand at the beginning of this year.

Recognizing the life-changing impact of this work, I wanted to make this work available to as many people as possible who are curious about what's possible when they prioritize workability. I’m excited to extend an invitation to a weekly workability call. The Destiny Compass Sunday call is an opportunity to start your week with a commitment to workability, setting the week for success. We’ll dive into the one thing that creates workability and learn how to avoid the biggest pitfalls. Whether in your business, health, or life, are you curious to discover what you are truly capable of when you take on workability?

So, what are you set out to accomplish this year? Join the Destiny Compass, where growth, accountability, and the joy of accomplishment await with a group of motivated people just like you. Here's to a transformative 2024!

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Written by:

Dr. Laurel Mines, PT, DPT, OCS

Physical Therapist and Sports Mental Performance Coach