Athletic Performance Training

We are committed every athlete is trained to use their full potential.

How do you know if you are bringing all you got to the game or leaving talent on the sidelines?

That's right! You don't know!
Most athletes are leaving talent on the sidelines becasue they don't know their weaknesses and train over their deficits.

What is your risk of injury?

Again, you don't know!
You don't know unless you test it. Your risk of injury will remain in your blindspot until you test it. At Bay Laurel Athletics we test your injury risk so you can get it out of your blindspot and reduce the risk of injury this season.

Why Athletic Performance Training?

Most athletes:

- Don't know their risk of injury, compromising their season
- Are training over deficits, limiting their potential to perform at their peak
- And shooting in the dark with training, putting in lots of effort but not getting the expected gains and results

Why Train at Bay Laurel Athletics?

At Bay Laurel Athletics we start with a performance evaluation where we discover your strengths and weaknesses/deficits. Most trainers start training athletes without an evaluation leaving them training over deficits that hold you back.

All our athletes train with a license physical therapist to ensure the best training plan.

Our physical therapists design a sport-specific training program individualized to every athlete without a cookie-cutter approach.

We take our athletes through a focused approach to maximize thier training doing the least amount of training with the most benefit.

We ensure our athletes minimize their risk of injury and are able to perform at their peak leaving no talent on the sidelines.

What We Train:


We train flexibility and mobility so athletes have full range of body motions to utilize in their sport.


We clear up any muscle imbalance and train all the muscles, not just the large muscle groups but also the important small stabilizers that really make a differene and prevent injury.


We ensure our athletes can maintain the level of performance need through their entire competition or game and have energy reserve at the end.


We help our athletes be able to maintain their body positions multidementionally so they can perform well in any moment and in any position.


We work our athletes hard to have agility and coordination through so any body movement or combination of movements are available to them.


We develop the most under-trained element of sports - POWER! Power is what will take your performance to the next level and will prevent injuries the most.

Don't Leave Any Talent On The Sidelines
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Athletic Performance Evaluation

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Professional Performance Evaluation

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