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Did you know?

The 3rd leading cause of death for student athletes is suicide.

Bay Laurel Athletics is taking a stand against teenage athlete suicide

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Do you know?

Do you know?

The 3rd leading cause of death for student athletes is suicide.

Current data shows student athlete suicide rates are 7.5% and as high as 8.6% with tripling rates among female athletes.

A student athlete is much more likely to be killed by suicide than by head injury caused by sports.

These statistics don’t include those student athletes who have had suicidal thoughts or have attempted suicide. 

Suicide is a preventable condition. 

Athletes can feel pressure from factors such as:

  • Sports injuries that can cause severe damage to an athlete’s identity and self worth 

  • Failure to live up to expectations - whether from coaches, teammates, family, or even themselves - which can be devastating 

  • Challenges of balancing all the demands of the sport, academics, work, and family and social life - all of which can be overwhelming

Student athletes are experiencing post-pandemic stress.

Depression, anxiety and mental exhaustion is 1.5-2x higher than pre-pandemic. The social media era has only exacerbated anxiety and pressure.

Student athlete suicide doesn’t just affect the athlete.

It devastates the lives of families, teams, friend circles, schools and communities. 

If we don't stand together for this cause, suicide will continue to be a concern for our student athletes. Currently 67% of students know where to seek mental health support, however less than 50% actually feel comfortable seeking a mental health provider. Awareness is a start but it's not enough. The current well-meaning efforts haven't made a meaningful difference in reducing suicide rates in our athletes. 

At Champions For Life, we support student athletes in the fight against suicide. We bring teams together along with coaches, parents, family and friends to speak the same winning language through Sports Mindset Coaching. We help communities stand together, with each other to always win not just in the game, but in life.

The goal of Champions for Life is preventing all student athlete deaths by suicide.

What Can We Do?

Help our student athletes win before they even step out on the court.

Take them from anxiety, depression and to a winning mindset

  • Courageous

  • Confident

  • Focused

  • Compassionate

athletes who excel at performance, have fun competing in their sport and develop an unbreakable bond to stand for their team united as one to win not just on the court but also in life. 

Sports Mindset Coaching is a science and research-based coaching methodology that develops a strong foundation of mental performance. The methodology pulls from a unique and perfect combination of sciences where the research shows these techniques make a meaningful difference in

  • Healthy behaviors and routines

  • Self confidence

  • The ability to make decisions without doubt

  • Happiness

Let’s make this available to all student athletes.