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We are committed to transforming Esports

We are committed to transforming Esports

Esports players are athletes too! There are both mental and physical components of Esports to ensure the health and well-being of these athletes so they can play well and have fun. We set our Esports athletes up for success!


  • Esports athletes need the right equipment and setup to prevent injury.

  • Postural strength is so important and can be trained and developed which yields better results than just practice.

  • Esports athletes get injured too. Resting isn't the only answer and often not the best solution. The right rehabilitation is most often the best solution.


  • Esports is a challenging sport mentally

  • Esports athletes are dealing with a dark cloud of stigma around the industry

  • The online atmosphere makes bullying something every gamer has to confront

  • There are lots of opportunities but the industry is more competitive than ever building up more pressure than ever

  • We not only transform the experience of gaming for our Esports athletes but we are also working to transform the industry to support these athletes just as well as the sports industry supports their physical athletes.

Common Esports Injuries

Common Esports Injuries

Wrist and Hand Injuries

Many Esports athletes suffer from thumb, finger, wrist and hand pain.

Elbow Tendinitis

Elbow and wrist tendinitis is common in Esports athletes and is related to postural weakness.

Neck and Back Pain

Neck pain in Esports is complicated by prolonged sitting and school and heavy backpacks.

How We Help Our Esports Athletes

At Bay Laurel Athletics:
- We offer athletic performance evaluations and esports-specific training to prevent injuries in our esports athletes.
- We rehabilitate and offer physical therapy for our injured esports athletes to minimize rest and get them back to their sport in less time than expected.
- We support our esports athletes' mental performance and mental health so that gaming is fun and exciting and they are empowered not only in their sport but in their lives.
- We help parents support their esports athletes in all the right ways so their children can thrive and not dive.
- We are working to transform the esports industry so stigmas are demolished and esports athletes are empowered in a supportive environment

Services for Esports Athlete

Services for Esports Athletes

Athletic Performance Evaluation/Training

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation


Esports Athletic Performane or

Physical Therapy Evaluation

or Single Treatment Session

Personalized 1:1 session with PT

Sport-specific focus

60 minute single session in-person

or online

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Athletic Performance Training or

Physical Therapy Package


$2,400 Value

$300 Savings

6 - 60 min sessions in-person or


Esports-specific Athletic

Performance Training or

Physical Therapy

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Sports Mental Performance Coaching


Personalized 1:1 coaching with

esports focus

6-week program

60 minute virtual sessions

Recommended for ages 10 years

and up

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