Transform 2024

Not just another year or a mere passage of time but
A new destiny with the ultimate compass

Ready to Escape the Snail's Pace of Progress?

Ever find yourself caught in the struggle between your dreams and the incredible slow snail pace of progress? Maybe you're up to big things, you know that you have something great inside you and you've got the motivation, but it never seems to fully manifest or tends to fizzle out with dwindling motivation and procrastination, or life's demands always seem to derail your focus on the constant cycle of repeat.

You're Not Alone!

Your struggle is not uncommon. In a world where many try to sell you solutions that often come with hefty price tags and empty promises, we empathize with your confusion, skepticism and frustration. That's why the Destiny Compass goes well beyond mere quick fixes and band-aid solutions and actually creates the solid foundation needed for lasting transformation with a new destination.

The Secret Revealed:

Clarity and workability aren't just concepts; they are the fuel that breathes life into your dreams and propels them into reality. Often, people misunderstand clarity or overestimate their alignment with workability. The true magic unfolds when you become brutally honest with yourself, sharpening the focus on a transformative nature and unlocking a force like no other with this one key.

Not Just Another Call:

This isn't your typical weekly waste of time session. It's a powerhouse of transformation where we delve deep into the essence of a foundation that will bring you clarity and put you in action no matter what the circumstance. We're not here to merely talk about it; we're here to teach you how to embody it, get on the court of your life, and create the lasting impact that makes a real difference.

Ready to step into the game and embark on a transformative journey with the Destiny Compass?

We invite you to join a team of individuals, just like you, eager to leverage an advantage of clarity and workability with our weekly Sunday evening calls (4:00 pm or 7:00 pm pacific time). Each week, you'll receive powerful rotating distinctions – not just theories or tools, but the foundation that propels you into active play and gets you in the game without financial burden.

Imagine this: You stepping onto the court of your life armed with distinctions that create a real and lasting difference, ready to play and witness authentic change unfolding in your life. It's more than cheap talk and spectating a game wishing for a different outcome; it's about no longer being on the sidelines sitting on the bench but being an active player in your own game, turning power into actions and crafting a life resonant with your highest level of and being aligned with your commitments and dreams.

This weekly call stands as your best investment all week. Join the Destiny Compass call and become part of a community dedicated to living the change they want to see, experiencing success in real time. Your place on the court awaits – are you ready to play?

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Agreements for Destiny Compass:

When you sign up and join the Destiny Compass call you agree to:

  • Showing up on time; you will not be let into the call if you are late. Punctuality is your commitment to progress.

  • Keeping your camera on for the entire session; focus intact. Be present for your breakthroughs.

  • Maintaining a distraction-free environment; set yourself up for success before the call. Clear the path for your growth.

  • Staying on the call for its entirety. Don't miss the winning play.

  • Engaging in respectful dialogue; keep your comments productive and focused. Every word should propel us forward.

  • Being open to coaching. Embrace the guidance for your evolution.

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